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How to Order

    When ordering services from NorClone, please follow these procedures:

    1) Contact NorClone to GET A QUOTE for the service you require
    2) Ask your purchasing department to issue a purchase order (PO) number
        (payment is due within 30 days following delivery of the products)
    3) Send your samples to NorClone, if starting materials are required

NorClone Biotech Laboratories
LHSC Health Service Bldg
800 Commissioners Road East
London, Ontario N6A 4G5

Phone: (519) 701-2766

    For your convenience, the recommended shipping conditions for various
    sample types are outlined below:

Sample Types

Shipping Conditions

 Plasmid DNA, PCR products, primers  Ambient temperature
 Glycerol stocks  Dry ice
 RNA  Dry ice
 Stab and plate culture  Ambient temperature
 Blood  Wet/blue ice
 Tissues  Dry ice


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