I. Gene Cloning
Gene Mutagenesis
siRNA and miRNA
Knockout and Knockin Vector Construction
II. Gene Discovery
Library Construction
Library Screening
5' and 3' RACE
Gene Synthesis
Gene Isoforms
III. Protein-Protein Interaction
Yeast 2 Hybrid Screen
Protein Expression
IV. Cell Culture and Recombinant Virus
Stable Cell Line
Virus Production
V. Molecular Diagnostics
Mouse Genotyping
Bacteria and Fungi Identification

Bacteria and Fungi Identification

NorClone provides both bacteria and fungi identification services quickly and economically. Bacteria identification is based on the sequence variations of 16S rRNA gene and/or the DNA fingerprinting analysis using housekeeping/toxin gene amplifications. Fungi identification is based on the phylogenetic analysis of 28S rRNA gene. These services can be applied to test environmental cleanness, monitor fermentation processes, and compare evolutionary genetic variation of novel isolates from different environmental sources.

Our service reports include gel photos for DNA fingerprinting, the comparison result of the tested bacterial/fungal sequences to databases, the multiple alignments of top 10 matches at species or genus level and a phylogenetic tree with these top 10 sequences.

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