I. Gene Cloning
Gene Mutagenesis
siRNA and miRNA
Knockout and Knockin Vector Construction
II. Gene Discovery
Library Construction
Library Screening
5' and 3' RACE
Gene Synthesis
Gene Isoforms
III. Protein-Protein Interaction
Yeast 2 Hybrid Screen
Protein Expression
IV. Cell Culture and Recombinant Virus
Stable Cell Line
Virus Production
V. Molecular Diagnostics
Mouse Genotyping
Bacteria and Fungi Identification

Site-Directed Mutagenesis Service

NorClone provides site-directed mutagenesis service quickly and economically to introduce single or multiple mutations (substitutions, insertions, deletions, or truncations) into existing DNA sequenceThese services include:

   1) Design, synthesis, and purification of oligo nucleotide primers.

   2) Mutagenesis reaction, enzyme digestion and/or ligation.

   3) Bacterial transformation.

   4) Plasmid isolation.

   5) Confirmation of the desired mutation by DNA sequencing.

You provide:

   1) 2~5 g of the target gene in a plasmid.

   2) Sequence of the target gene with a list of the bases to be mutated.

You will receive:

   1) 2~5 g of mutant plasmid.

   2) Stab culture of E. coli carrying the mutant plasmid.

   3) Sequencing chromatogram and text files.

Turnaround Time:

   Approximately 1~2 weeks.


Prices for mutagenesis from customer-provided Templates:

 Single or multiple mutations

     $199.00 Cdn

     $169.00 US


Please contact us for a detailed quote or for more information.


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